Synology drive api

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Files for synology-drive-api, version 0. File type Wheel. Python version py3. Upload date Feb 9, Hashes View. File type Source. Python version None.Whitespace characters in the original name should be normalized in the same manner that other attributes such as title or album are in the final file name.

So, I probably would not update it myself. Pull request is welcome. If someone want to try, see my script in docker. It should be a simple port. This is my personal Gentoo overlay for packages I have not been able to find anywhere else. Remotely start download tasks from the web to your Synology NAS. A user script to make play buttons in Synology Video Station generate VLC playlists rather than playing videos in the browser.

Scripts and information to improve Git usability on Synology diskstation. Prometheus exporter for Synology NAS using snmp.

synology drive api

A backup system where the admin can see the backup state of all backed clients. It also runs on low resources client, servers and on Synology NAS.

It is similar to "Active Backup" from Synology, but can be run on any Java supported operating system and NAS models, which are currently not supported by Synology. Add a description, image, and links to the synology-nas topic page so that developers can more easily learn about it. Curate this topic. To associate your repository with the synology-nas topic, visit your repo's landing page and select "manage topics.

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3 Ways to Remote Access Your Synology NAS

Skip to content. Here are 60 public repositories matching this topic Language: All Filter by language. Sort options. Star Code Issues Pull requests. Open Replace whitespace characters in file names with a dash. Read more. Open Document instructions for building the GUI app for development.

Open Update the script to get zone id and record it automatically. Updated Feb 8, Python. Updated Dec 12, C. Updated Apr 12, Python. Updated Mar 20, Shell. CheckSyno - Icinga Nagios, et al Synology monitoring plugin. Updated Jul 23, Java. Updated May 6, PHP. DDNS with Cloudflare. Updated Feb 10, Python. Star 8. Updated Apr 13, Shell. Star 7. Updated Aug 31, JavaScript.Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Synology Drive Synology Inc. Add to Wishlist. Apart from common file types, such as documents, images, videos and music, you can also open Synology Office document, spreadsheets and slides in the user-friendly viewer provided by Drive.

In addition, the features of searching, sharing, moving and applying labels to files are all available on Android Device, which allows users to complete tasks efficiently anytime, anywhere. Reviews Review Policy. View details. Flag as inappropriate. Visit website. Privacy Policy. See more. Synology MailPlus. Synology Inc. The new app for easy adjustment, operation, and monitoring of your Smart Home. DS audio. Qsync Pro. Qsync Pro is a mobile file synchronization application. DS note. A smart and easy way to take and organise notes, stored on your Synology NAS.

More by Synology Inc. DS file. DS video. DS finder. An easy way to monitor the status of your Synology DiskStation when on the go. DS photo. DS photo allows to browse photos and videos stored on a Synology DiskStation. Synology Moments. Easy to refresh your special moments in life.The latest Synology DSM update out this week adds some critical security fixes but there's also a nice update to the Cloud Sync application.

The Amazon Cloud Drive is free for unlimited storage of photos and videos with a Prime membership. I have a few comments about the Cloud Drive option. The web application is not that good. When you consider Amazon's technical capabilities it feels like they really phoned this one in.

There's no desktop application for using all of that data efficiently. Upload and download times are only limited by your normal ISP throttles so it's superior to Glacier for archiving. Once Arq supports Amazon Cloud Drive, this is going to be extremely useful and may be an excellent replacement for other backup services. For now, this is an excellent addition for Synology owners. You get a 3 week free trial of the Amazon unlimited Cloud Drive if you're not sure.

There is an appit's just not that good. Amazon's business is selling stuff. Directed marketing is part of that business. They also run the infrastructure for every startup that has back-end storage. AWS is a significant part of the world's infrastructure and it would be a huge problem if Amazon was inappropriately using that data and also against some of their privacy rules.

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For now, I'm storing encrypted disk images with them and files that have no real identifiable information. Those decisions are personal and everyone is different. Store Disclosures Donate. Synology Backup Security.Reduced the impacts of the API error message "user does not exist" reported by Baidu on file synchronization.

Fixed an issue where syncing a folder with folder name that already exists on Amazon Drive may lead to loop. Fixed an issue where folders may not be successfully listed when Backblaze B2 contains a large amounts of files. Fixed an issue where the subfolder under a shared folder on Box may be repeatedly synced when the subfolder is being shared again. Fixed an issue where files may not be completed listed when a folder on OneDrive contains files. Fixed an issue where reauthentication might be required when performing the scheduled synchronization tasks on Box.

Fixed issues 1. Fixed an issue where linking to Baidu might fail. Fixed an issue where deleting a folder containing a large amount of files from Amazon Drive might lead to a loop. Fixed an issue where transferring a large file to Microsoft Azure might cause the file to be downloaded to the local server. Minor bugs fixes. Fixed an issue where a directory containing a large amount of files might fail to sync. Fixed an issue where public cloud connections might be removed after Cloud Sync privileges have been modified.

Fixed an issue where authentication tokens from OneDrive for Business could not be refreshed. Fixed an issue where Google Drive downloads may loop, and data may not be successfully downloaded.

Minor bug fixes. Added content type information to files uploaded to Amazon S3 to allow better web browsing experience. Compatibility and Installation 1. Upgrading to Cloud Sync 2.

What's New 1. Added support for SSL verification options. You can now customize the upload part size for Amazon S3 and OpenStack Swift in the task creating wizard. Cloud Sync overview window is resizeable. Improvements 1.

synology drive api

Enhanced algorithm to strengthen the encryption mechanism. Filtered out invalid file extensions for OneDrive for Business. Filtered out file paths longer than characters on OneDrive for Business. Fixed Issues 1. Dropbox API has been updated to avoid longpoll looping issues.

Fixed an issue where local sync folder may be lost after restoring snapshot. Fixed an issue where file conflict may be wrongly detected for OneDrive for Business. Fixed an issue where resumed downloads may loop on WebDAV. Fixed an issue where sync may fail if files are renamed multiple times. Fixed an issue where renaming Google document files on the server may duplicate the file extension.

Fixed an issue where files may conflict in "Upload local changes only" sync mode. Fixed an issue where files with file names containing "[" may be out of sync.

Fixed an issue where Amazon S3 multi-part upload may cause memory leak. Fixed an issue where removing subtasks may cause the server to be unable to detect file changes.

synology drive api

Fixed an issue where Amazon Cloud Drive may loop when it has no access privilege to a certain file. Fixed Dropbox error code See how this changes the way we live and work, access and share data.

With large storage capacities from one to hundreds of terabytes depending on your choice of Synology NAS and hard drivesSynology Drive makes files readily available whenever and wherever you need them. Work across computers in continuity using the desktop app. It's still your native Windows, macOS, or Ubuntu interface, but any changes you make to a file are automatically synced to other devices as soon as they're connected.

Even if you're not syncing them, rest assured that you always have online access to terabytes of data stored in Team Folders and your personal space. Browse them anytime with a browser or the Synology Drive mobile app.

Full content search Search through file content and metadata leveraging Synology Universal Search even when you no longer recall the file name. Offline access Getting on a flight? Make the files you need available offline so you can still check them on your phone. Secure sharing Disable options to download or copy files to ensure full access control over sensitive information. Password protect a link or set an expiration date when it comes to sharing data externally.

Say goodbye to the old days when you and your colleagues take turns to edit a file. With Synology Officeyou can all work on the same documents, spreadsheets, or slides simultaneously to get the job done much faster. Supports converting from and to Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in case you still need to collaborate with external clients. Integration with Synology Chat lets you talk to other collaborators directly inside the document. For companies that have branch offices in different parts of the world, file sharing can be messy.

Learn more. A single set of files can be retrieved via mapped network drive, sync client, web portal or mobile app. Most of the employees are in and out of the office all the time, yet they can rest assured that their data is accessible and up to date. Then we looked for private cloud solutions which support quick data restore and easy file sharing. That's why we choose Synology as our partner.

Synology NAS is the best alternative of traditional file servers and public cloud storage. Synology Drive. Live Demo Software Specs Applied models. Powerful private cloud storage with no recurring fees With large storage capacities from one to hundreds of terabytes depending on your choice of Synology NAS and hard drivesSynology Drive makes files readily available whenever and wherever you need them.

Synology Drive Web portal for regular users. Synology Drive Admin Console Admin configuration. Synology Drive ShareSync Cross-site file syncing.

Synology Drive

Synology Drive Server. Syncing on demand. Save the disk space and bandwidth of your PC with On-demand Sync 1. Of course, you can always exclude certain subfolders, file formats or put a limit on the file size.

Go back in time. Still prefer that design you created a week ago? Simply right-click to restore a previous version. Back up your files. Enable real-time or scheduled backup of important folders so that you always have a copy in case of accidental deletion. The same versioning protects you from ransomware, too. Collaborate on documents in real time Say goodbye to the old days when you and your colleagues take turns to edit a file.

Review changes made by each user if you wish to restore or lock a specific version.